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Foreign language telecollaboration or Online Intercultural Exchange (OIE) engages groups of foreign language learners in virtual intercultural interaction and exchange with partner classes in geographically distant locations. These exchanges most often involve bilateral projects between classes in two different countries, each learning the other’s language. However, they can also involve more complex, multilateral projects involving language learners from many different countries working together online using a lingua franca such as English as a means of communication. As such, they carry potential benefits for students in all areas of study.


Research has shown that telecollaborative projects can offer a great many advantages to a wide range of different stake holders in Higher Education. Telecollaboration offers an effective tool in the development of students’ foreign language skills, as well as their intercultural competence and other transferrable skills. It is also an excellent form of preparation for physical mobility and is a viable alternative for those students who cannot participate in physical mobility programmes for personal or financial reasons. In short, telecollaboration can be an important part of a university’s internationalisation and blended mobility policies.


However, telecollaboration can initially be a challenging activity to initiate and integrate into your university programme. Finding partners, developing appropriate learning scenarios and integrating the activity into study programmes can all be complex processes. With this in mind, the UNI-Collaboration Consortium, a group of highly experienced telecollaborative practitioners and researchers from around Europe, are offering personalised workshops and seminars for institutions who are interested in introducing this activity to their teaching and international mobility staff. The workshops can be carried out in a range of languages and are adaptable to the specific needs and interest of the participating institution.


Topics dealt with in the workshops can include:


  •  How online intercultural exchanges can support and be integrated with student mobility programmes
  •  How to organize a successful online intercultural exchange at university level 
  •  How to create and implement effective telecollaborative task sequences
  •  How to deal with intercultural conflicts and clashes in online contexts
  •  How to choose the right tools for your online intercultural exchange
  •  How to integrate telecollaborative exchanges into university study programmes

For more information about organising a workshop at your institution and to receive a cost estimate, please contact the UNI-Collaboration Consortium at:

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