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Here at the University of Minnesota, we have many learners of Japanese who want to converse with a native-speaker.  Some students find a partner through our on-campus TandemPlus program, but we simply do not have enough native speakers of Japanese to meet the demand.  To find conversation partners for our students, we are going online and hope that you will be interested in partnering with us. 


We are interested in either or both of these models:


Class-to-Class exchange:  instructors at partner institutions collaborate to determine the number of conversations and a schedule for the semester; each student in the class has a partner at the other institution; students speak 30 minutes in English and 30 minutes in Japanese; instructors assign a task or topic and expect students to report on the conversation in some way.

Face-to-Face (individual) exchange:  individual students volunteer to participate; the student registers online and is matched with a partner; students decide how often to converse and choose their own topics.


Advance planning is needed to set-up a class-to-class exchange, so this would be for a future semester.  Individual exchanges could begin immediately or at a later date.

Study programme: 
Undergraduate - BA
Number of students: 

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