PBLL (Project-based language learning) teaching


Basic information

We are looking for one or two partner classes to collaborate with for language exchange and intercultural communications. Activities will be arranged in the project for college students from different countries to help one another in learning the language of the other.

I teach non-English majors college English in Tianjin Normal University. College English is a gateway to English knowledge and skills, cross-cultural communication, especially helping students learn to be autonomous. It attaches special importance to English use in both oral and written style by adopting a production-oriented approach.

We hope to collaborate with the partner class(es) to explore cultural similarities and differences on a range of themes and topics, such as food, transportation, festivals, architecture, etc. as well as develop and sharpen students’ L2 language so that they can engage in basic conversations with native speakers and achieve their goals of doing a project with preparations and collaborations.

In my university, we adopt PBLL (Project-based language learning) teaching for L2 English learners. During this semester students of two countries will team up, collaborating both online and offline to explore the topics of their interests and ways of broadening their intellectual horizon. This will last from Oct. 10-Dec. 31, 2017 when students find their partners, brainstorm on group projects, and team up on topics of their choice. Final presentations in the form of group work will be conducted.

Study programme: 
Bachelor of first- or second-year students
Number of students: 
Preferred start date of exchange: 
Tue, 10/10/2017

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