English/French tandem project


Basic information

Set of activities to make it possible for students to help one another in learning the language of the other.


Native Belgian French-speaking students helping English-speaking students to learn French, and vice-versa. They would be invited to meet three times in each language in three months. Starting from October 2017 and ending in December 2017. Size of my group of students - up to 40. This activity is proposed as an extra-curricular online challenge students. We could get a maximum of candidates volunteering for this. That's why it's not easy to determine an exact number of target participants ( it can easily be discussed).


We propose 3 activities which EPHEC students are invited to carry out in English and online (with your students challenging them and giveing them feedback)

  • break-the-ice conversation/interview with the publication of a newspaper article presenting the students being interviewed
  • a more practical conversation exercise based on the publication of a video pitch presenting the professional image of the Ephec student
  • a role-play exercise about customer care and how to manage irate customers (EPHEC students represent the customer service)

If interested in involving your students in such an exchange, it's easy, you can easily get in touch with me and suggest 3 activities that you would like your students to carry out in French so that they get advantage of the feedback of my students. That would be your advantage in the tandem project: tailor the activities in french according to your proper requirements.


More information about the advantages of this formula on my blog.


Looking forward to getting all our students into this challenge

Study programme: 
second or third-year Bachelor's students
Number of students: 
Preferred start date of exchange: 
Wed, 20/09/2017

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