Western Paraná State University – Unioeste

The Western Paraná State University – Unioeste aims to increasingly be recognized as a beacon of knowledge and service for our state and nation. Unioeste is recognized as a public University of reference in Western and Southwestern Paraná in the production and socialization of knowledge, committed to the training of professionals to act based on ethical pair to citizenship, consisting of: 01 Rectory; 05 Campi; 01 University Hospital; 1.312 Professors; 1.429 University Agents; 359 Internships; 8.736 Undergraduate students; 2.574 Graduate Students (Lato Sensu e Stricto Sensu); 52 undergraduate courses; 42 graduate programs. As a public institution, free and multicampi, its mission is to produce, organize and socialize knowledge, contributing to human scientific, technological and regional development, committing to justice, democracy, citizenship and social responsibility.

R. Universitária, 1619 - Jardim Universitário
CascavelParaná/Brazil 85819-110
Phone55 45 3220-3000
Mobile55 45 998075936
Fax55 45 3220-3000
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