South China Agricultural University

South China Agricultural University is a university with more than one hundred years. Over the years, it has developed into a multi-disciplinary, comprehensive university comprised of the disciplines of agriculture, engineering, liberal arts, basic sciences, economics, management, law, education, history and philosophy. As an advanced multi-disciplinary agricultural institute with distinctive tropical and subtropical characteristics, SCAU intends to provide its students with an all-round education that contributes to their future professional success. At SCAU, graduate programs and post-graduate programs are developing concurrently. It has a faculty that is capable of top-level and large-scale research. For more information, please visit  And, the following is the address of our university:  ADDRESS : 483 WUSHAN ROAD , TIANHE DISTRICT , GUANGZHOU , 510642 , CHINA


 College of Foreign Studies has advanced and comprehensive teaching facilities, abundant learning resources and elegant learning environment.  It now has 1422 undergraduates and a teaching and administrative staff of 138 people, among whom there are 123 full-time teachers, including 6 professors, 44 associate professors, and 70 lecturers. 97% of the faculty has a master’s degree or above, among whom 7 teachers have been awarded doctorate and 12 are PhD students. Nearly 30% of the faculty had the experiences of studying and working abroad. About 8 to 10 foreign teachers are employed to work for the college throughout the year.  


 For more information, please visit


GUANGZHOUGuangdong 510642
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