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When classes come together in an online intercultural exchange project, they need tasks to carry out together. Here you will find an extensive collection of tasks which you can copy or adapt for your own projects. Click on one of the tasks to read more about how its objectives, structure and what materials you may need. In the filters where multiple options can be selected, use Ctrl-click to pick more than one option.

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Title Description Level Rating
Chain stories (continued)

Groups of students in two different institutions collaborate together to produce a short story which continues from an opening line given to them...

Echange de friandises
An exchange of physical gifts, small items between the two centres. Groups bringin items that they consider to be little known to the other culture,... Any
Que souhaitez-vous changer en 2015

A forum task to capture our hopes and desres for the New Year.


This is part of our second task sequence for 2014-2015. 

Chansons d'hiver

A video sharing activity which gives cultural background to celebrations during winter.

A forum is created and students are asked to share...

Getting to know you

This online profile creation task is the opening task once our students arrive in the shared online area, EWC. It is a useful initial language...

Un moment de ma vie

This is a photo sharing task which encourages students to share an image which best captures a moment in their life that is of significance to...



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