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When classes come together in an online intercultural exchange project, they need tasks to carry out together. Here you will find an extensive collection of tasks which you can copy or adapt for your own projects. Click on one of the tasks to read more about how its objectives, structure and what materials you may need. In the filters where multiple options can be selected, use Ctrl-click to pick more than one option.

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Exploring Hofstede and writing advice for Erasmus students

This activity is aimed at getting students to become familiar with the work of Geert Hofstede and his cultural dimensions but also view them with...

B1, B2
Table ronde

Having completed the news reviews task,a self selecting group of students are invited to an online round table discussion on subjects of their...

Silence we are shooting!

This task gives students the opportunity to exchange their experiences and preferences with the cinema of their own and their partners’ country by...

A2, B1, B2
Student life

This presentation task allows the telecollaborative partners to speak about their daily lives by producing a video or a commented slideshow.

A2, B1, B2, C1
Collaborating on a powerpoint presentation

Working in groups of students from the different participating universities, students are asked to prepare a presentation based on a theme of...

Tworzenie zadania dla uczestników wymiany online

Studenci specjalności nauczycielskiej pracują w grupach interkulturowych. Ich zadaniem jest stworzenie takiego zadania dydaktycznego online, które...

B2, C1, C2


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