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When classes come together in an online intercultural exchange project, they need tasks to carry out together. Here you will find an extensive collection of tasks which you can copy or adapt for your own projects. Click on one of the tasks to read more about how its objectives, structure and what materials you may need. In the filters where multiple options can be selected, use Ctrl-click to pick more than one option.

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Telecollaborative debates

This task would explore various ways of debating on different subjects (both synchronous and asynchronous, written or oral debates).

It can...

B1, B2
Clone of E-Literacy: Exploring online tools

This task has been designed around the concept of e-literacy skills that is the skills needed for efficient use of online tools. The students work...

B1, B2
Task assessment
Each international group is going to assess the task created by another group. B2, C1
Sociolinguistics Popular Science Piece

This tasks ask students to use the interaction of the collaboration as data for a small scale sociolinguistics study, which they will then write...

B2, C1, C2
Action Required!

This task is part of a larger task sequence aimed at exploring cross-disciplinary subjects of social sciences, language and intercultural...

Règles de vie en collectivité

Cette tâche porte sur les règles dans une collocation (ou cité U,…) et comprend le tournage d’un petit film.



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