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The aim of this databank is to bring together in one location a series of exchange scenarios that have already been implemented in a wide range of contexts. We hope that these projects will provide ideas and inspiration for new and innovative methods of developing online intercultural exchanges.

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Title Description Main focus Exchange institution(s) Rating
Soliya Connect Program

The objectives of the Soliya Connect Program telecollaboration project are for participants to develop a deeper understanding of the perspectives...

Intercultural Exchange University of Padova

LanguageTwin is an educational video chat platform that allows foreign language students to converse one-on-one with native speakers who are also...

Language Learning Universidad de León
Pre-mobility eTandem

This eTandem project was set up between students in the US two months before they left for a mobility program to Padova in Italy and university...

Pre-mobility University of Padova
The Clavier Project

This large OIE began as a pilot in 2011 as a result of the two lead tutors chance meeting through an e-learning blog. The concept of a virtual...

Language Learning Université Blaise Pascal, Language Centre, University of Warwick
Teacher Trainees in intercultural exchange

This exchange involved future Primary-School teachers at the University of León, Spain (B1 level in English) working with students of Spanish in...

Teacher Training Universidad de León

SpEakWise is a blending learning project in intercultural communication which has been running since 2007 between Trinity College Dublin and...

Intercultural Exchange Trinity College Dublin
Transatlantic Translations

The Trans-Atlantic project is a loose network of European universities in Finland, Italy, France, Denmark and Belgium working with two...

Translation University of Padova
Le français en première ligne

 This exchange involves future teachers of French who are completing a Masters Degree in Foreign Language Education ( “Master français langue...

Teacher Training Université Stendhal Grenoble

This exchange involved students majoring in Mediazione Linguistica e Culturale at the University of Padova (Italy) and first-...

Intercultural Exchange University of Padova


The V-PAL (Virtual Partnerships for All Languages) has been running for the past four years at the University of Manchester in the UK and...

Language Learning
Human Rights in Italy and Guatemala


This short project was intended for students of Human Rights in Italy and in Guatemala to share knowledge about human rights issues in...

Content Learning
The Intercultural Poetry Exchange

The intercultural poetry exchange’ started and was designed as part of two university literature courses, Fiction for Engineers in Sweden and...

Intercultural Exchange
Franco-Irish Exchange


This is an exchange between 4th year undergraduate students of Business and French at the University of Limerick in Ireland, and French...

Intercultural Exchange
Global Syndicates

This project was not designed for foreign language learning, it was part of an interdisciplinary seminar on Globalization involving graduate...

Content Learning
Combining Physical & Virtual Mobility

This was a telecollaborative exchange which took place from 2005 to 2011 between the University of León, Spain and Barnard College, New York. The...

Intercultural Exchange Universidad de León

Questo scambio ha coinvolto studenti dall'Università di Padova (terzo anno del corso di Laurea in Mediazione Linguistica e Culturale...

Intercultural Exchange University of Padova
eTandem chinois-français (Chinese-French eTandem)

This eTandem Chinese-French course was designed and implemented by Claudia BERGER and Jue WANG-SZILAS. It involves second-year A2-B1Chinese major...

Language Learning Université de Genève
Teletandem Brasil: Foreign languages for all

I help you learn my language and you help me learn yours!

Language learning in tandem involves pairs of native or non-native speakers of...

Intercultural Exchange UNESP - São Paulo State University (Brazil)
e-Tándem Español-Inglés

Este proyecto se llevó a cabo entre estudiantes de la Universidad de Edimburgo en el Reino Unido y la Universidad de Caldas en Colombia y duró 14...

Language Learning Universidad de Caldas
Student Life in Montpellier blog

To raise intercultural awareness among students on the international human resources management programme I asked students to create a blog to...

Intercultural Exchange
A Spanish-Mauritian cultural exchange

This project commenced at the beginning of March between fifteen university students studying English in  my school and eighteen participants from...

Intercultural Exchange
Job application at Sussex & León universities

This project was designed with the aim of supporting students'  employability.


There was a total of 39 students divided into 6...

Language Learning University of Sussex, Universidad de León
Perspectives on the Euro(pean) crisis

This multilateral telecollaboration project which started piloting in October 2013 involves 8 European universities, and has been set up and is...

Intercultural Exchange University of Padova, University of Helsinki
Le Français en (première) ligne

L'échange ici décrit implique des futurs enseignants de français en seconde année de Master de Français Langue Etrangère (FLE) à Grenoble et des...

Teacher Training Université Stendhal Grenoble
RUG-UB Telecollaboration Project

<p>The RUG-UB Telecollaboration project was set up for 2nd year students of Spanish from the Department of European Languages and Cultures (...

Learning and Teaching Spanish as L2 University of Groningen helps any teacher connect their students for peer tandems
Through all teachers can connect their students to practice each other's languages. This... Language Learning

Naboomboo is an innovative multimedia platform for language exchange, it is a virtual place where you can train and improve your foreign languages...

Language Learning
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