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Descriptors: a set of competences to identify what we call the “Telecollaboratively Effective Person” (TEP).


Interactive platform: teachers and students can customize their goals (based on the descriptors). Students can also provide evidence to show how these goals have been achieved or how they are working towards these aims. The platform allows the goals to be shared between student and teacher, to be linked to evidence and reflection, thereby creating an EPortfolio. (Note that the EPortfolio is in a different site so you will be asked to create a new account).


Suggestions: how to use the descriptors to create an EPortfolio and to create an evaluation grid.


Examples: Personal Reflection Diary, Evidence of Learning, Sample Evaluation Grid, Setting goals, Collecting Evidence.


We have designed a 'walk-through' guide for anyone interested in getting more detailed suggestions on how to use the resources here. Or you can browse through the materials and examples below.


Walk-through Guide

Combining the Resources

Personal Reflection Diary

Evidence of Learning

Descriptors of Telecollaborative Effective Person

Sample Evaluation Grid

Example of setting goals based on descriptors

Example of collecting evidence of learning 1

Example of collecting evidence of learning 2

Example of document collection



A short introduction to the ePortfolio tool:





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