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The objectives of the Soliya Connect Program telecollaboration project are for participants to develop a deeper understanding of the perspectives of others around the world on important socio-political issues, and also to develop critical thinking, intercultural communication and media literacy skills. Each iteration of the project connects over 200 students from over 30 different universities in the US, Europe and the predominantly Arab and/or Muslim worlds, who are placed into small groups of 8-10 students and guided through a 9-week, English language dialogue program by pairs of trained facilitators.

The project was not developed for learning English, but rather for students of Political Science, Conflict Resolution, Media Studies in 2003. As it has expanded, groups of students have participated as part of their English language courses. This is a form of 'outsourced' telecollaboration project whereby universities can enrol students for the Connect Program  which is managed by the NGO Soliya.

Main focus: 
Intercultural Exchange
Exchange institution(s): 
Language configuration: 
Lingua franca
Language(s) used: 
Dominant form of language production: 
Speaking/listening synchronous
Target Competences: 
Intercultural Skills
It would be impossible for a university educator to replicate this project since the management of so many different groups requires an organization behind it. It is possible however for interested English language educators to contact Soliya and find out about registering students. (Universities are usually charged a fee for participating)

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