French students to develop online intercultural exchanges


Basic information
A group of students up to 18  from different academic disciplines but all with a B1+ to B2 levels (CEF) that is too say intermediate to upper intermediate in English.
I could start next academic year either first or second semester 2014-2015 and will require 24 teaching hours with synchronous and asynchronous exchanges. The objective is for French and Foreing students to work as a pair or a group of 4 (2 French/2 partners) on a general topic that each group will have to specify according to their interests.  They will have to produce a multimodal dossier/file with a common oral presentation of their findings. The rationale is to develop intercultural skills by doing together and by investigating a topic together following a sociological or anthropological approach. So, English will be the medium (developing ELF skills)  but Partner and French Cultures will be the focus.
Study programme: 
undergraduate students all disciplines but B1+ to B2 in English
Number of students: 
Preferred start date of exchange: 
Mon, 15/09/2014

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