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The INTENT project team have created this platform to provide university educators and mobility officers will the tools and resources for organising online intercultural exchange projects for their students. The tools on the platform also allow users to add new tasks, classes, sample projects and to contribute to news and debate in our community forums.

In order to make sure you're visible to other users of the platform, you should first go to the list of institutions in the ‘practitioners’ tab and check if your university is already present on the platform.

If it is not there, go to the 'Create' tab and create a new institution, adding a photo, some background information and its address. By doing this, your institution will appear on the map in our homepage and this will help other practitioners to contact you and offer class partnerships to you and your students.

Now, go to the 'My account' tab and edit your profile. You can now add your institution to your own profile from the drop-down institutions’ menu which you will see there. This means that you are now connected to your institution on the platform. You can also add a photo of yourself as well as some background information about your work.

To know more about the resources and tools on the platform, take a few minutes to watch the video below or to read through the powerpoint presentation in order to see how our platform works and how you can make the most out of it.

Download a Powerpoint introduction to this platform.


Watch this video:


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