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SpEakWise is a blending learning project in intercultural communication which has been running since 2007 between Trinity College Dublin and partner institutions in German-speaking countries. We are currently partnered with the University of Hildesheim. The students have language skills at level C1/C2 in German/English respectively and take part in a variety of activities such as ethnographic research, word association and sentence completion, non-participant observation and discourse completion discussing their results via WebChat in a Virtual Learning Environment. The course culminates in a negotiation activity conducted via video-conference. 

Main focus: 
Intercultural Exchange
Exchange institution(s): 
Other exchange institutions: 
University of Hildesheim
Language(s) used: 
Dominant form of language production: 
Writing/reading asynchronous
Target Competences: 
Language Competence
Intercultural Skills
Online Communication Skills

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