Academic Discussion and Debates


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Course outline

Academic Discussions and Debates are key elements of both academic and political discussion and the key methods of promoting an issue through rational, civilized discourse. Students will learn to create, support and refute arguments, study the different forms of discussions and participate as teams in direct competitive debate on subjects of topical importance.

Each weeks` lesson will consist of two sections: Discussion of topical issues from Japanese and world news, and study of how discussion works as a skill.

Virtual exchange expectation

Japanese students would be able to discuss certain issues of any topic with overseas students.

3-4 weeks exchange is fine.

Facebook Group Discussion (or other virtual platform)

Synchronous discussion is/are fine but asynchronous discussion is/are okay too.

Level of English

Beginner to Intermediate (Speaking). Writing is considerably Advanced.

Example of possible topic of discussion

Same Sex Marriage

Death Penalty
Getting Married or Being Single?
Euthanasia / Mercy Killing
Legalizing Prostitution
Legalizing Marijuana (or Casino)

Study programme: 
Number of students: 
Preferred start date of exchange: 
Mon, 14/05/2018

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