English speakers looking for French-speaking partners


Basic information

Participants are Irish and international students of the University of Limerick, Ireland. They come from various disciplines as the module they are registered for is open to the entire undergraduate student community (broadening module entitled "beginners French"). The student numbers will be confirmed in the first week of registration, but as an example it usually is around 20 students.


The project already successfully took place last year, but our partner cannot continue the telecollaboration this spring semester.


We are open to suggestions for the tasks, as long as both parties can practice their language and raise their awareness of the target culture.


Last year, students were paired with 4 advanced students of English and the differences in language proficiency were reconciled by the nature of the tasks (video, interactive text, videoconference).


The broad tasks were as follows (note that guidelines given to students were more precise):

1. Introduce yourself in a video

2. Present your university campus, and cultural aspects of your country of residence (via google doc for example)

3. Prepare written questions about the cultural document and send them to your partner(s)

4. Discuss these cultural elements in a videoconference and continue conversation as desired.

5. Fill in a feedback questionnaire


The UL spring semester starts on 22 january 2018 and ends on 20 April 2018. We hope to run the online exchanges between these dates.


Study programme: 
Multi-disciplinary students of French
Number of students: 
Preferred start date of exchange: 
Mon, 05/02/2018

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