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I am looking for an Italian partner class, possibly at the college level, for a telecollaboration project using Instagram. I am currently completing my dissertation, Instagram for Cultural and Intercultural Awareness Development in Foreign Language Education ( The telecollaborative project builds on my dissertation study and aims to integrate students’ autonomous Instagram explorations – and to amend the skewed view of the foreign culture that these explorations alone may give – with a sequence of telecollaborative tasks.  The study applies a pedagogy of multiliteracies to telecollaborative tasks (Helm & Guth, 2010) and proposes a sequence of tasks modeled on the Cultura project (Furstenberg, Levet, English, & Maillet, 2001); the main research question is: To what extent does an intercultural exchange on Instagram support the development of learners’ critical awareness?

First, students will exchange personal information on Instagram.  Then, they will complete word association and sentence completion tasks by sharing Instagram posts captioned in their native language.  Moreover, students will communicate in the foreign language with their distant peers through comments and group messages on Instagram and will engage in comparison and analysis.  Finally, students will engage in a critical reflection of the values of their own culture and the ‘small’ culture associated with the foreign peers (Holliday, 1999).

If you are interested in the project, we can discuss and modify the sequence of activities. If you are also interested in doing research, we can discuss and modify the proposal too.

Study programme: 
Higher Education
Number of students: 
Preferred start date of exchange: 
Sun, 07/01/2018

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