Universitat Internacional Catalunya

Universitat internacionl de Catalunya is a small private University in Barcelona.The international character of the university is a basic feature and also a necessary one for students. In this respect, 10% of our alumni are from overseas; students study English courses which are personalised to meet their academic and professional requirements and there is an extensive international exchange programme.The university, with a total of 6,765 students and 14 Faculties schools and institutes, currently offers the following programmes:


  • 13 Bachelor’s degree courses
  • 74 UIC-specific master’s and postgraduate degrees
  • 10 University master’s degree courses
  • 10 Doctoral programmes
  • 246 Continuing education courses

Internationalization Progarms include:


  • 279 international students on exchange programmes (bachelor’s and postgraduate degree students)
  • 781 International students at the UIC (bachelor’s and postgraduate degree students)
  • 244 Agreements with universities
Carrer de la Immaculada, 22
BarcelonaBarcelona 08017
Phone93 254 1800
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