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I have been doing online exchanges with my EFL Japanese students and students from the China, the UAE, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Colombia. I have now created the International Virtual Exchange Project ( where, over the last 10 years, thousands of students in over 20 institutions from these countries have participated in exchanges using the language they study in class to communicate with others in foreign countries. The exchange is free of charge as it is financed with a grant from the Japanese government. Exchanges begin every year in both April and October and last for about 8 weeks. We have both an LTI option for access or teachers can send student details to me so their students can access the exchange. Students then use the forums to exchange information on a number of topics asynchrousnously. Students can use text, audio or video messages to interact. The teacher is the guide and assists / monitors their students. I hope that more teachers will want their students to join this exchange and encourage them to contact me either via this platform or directly via hagley(at mark here) to find out more and to join. (I've written 20 in the "number field" below but if you have more than that number they are all welcome.)

Study programme: 
University students studying various degrees
Number of students: 
Preferred start date of exchange: 
Mon, 03/10/2016

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