New publications from our telecollaboration conference in León

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New publications from our telecollaboration conference in León

Please be advised that Volume 23, Number 1, of The EUROCALL Review is available online from




Papers stemming from the INTENT conference on ‘Telecollaboration in University Foreign Language Education’ held at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, University of León, Spain, on 14 February 2014.


·         Promoting critical thinking in online intercultural communication. Marie-Thérèse Batardière.

·         Why in the world would I want to talk to someone else about my culture? Chesla Ann Bohinski and Yumei Leventhal.

·         A blended learning scenario to enhance learners’ oral production skills. Hee-Kyung Kim.

·         Combining Skype with Blogging: A chance to stop reinforcement of stereotypes in intercultural exchanges? L. Lynette Kirschner.

·         English learning in an intercultural perspective: Russia and Norway. Anne-Mette Bjøru.

·         Pan-American teletandem language exchange project. Aurora Castillo-Scott.


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