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Here you will find a collection of task sequences. A task sequence is a collection of tasks that that can be combined together during an online exchange project. Click on one of the task sequences to read more about its objectives and how the different tasks can be combined together.

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Hacemos un Boletín Virtual Juntos

Cada día todas las profesiones se ven con más necesidad de mantener informado su público por vía virtuales, los estudiantes en formación de...

Breaking down the walls

This set of tasks aimed to help the large body of students connect with each other. They encourage the discovery of similarities and open...

Any level
Cartes postales sonores

Ce scénario permet aux télécollaborateurs de s’intéresser aux lieux de sorties dans les deux villes en créant une carte postale sonore sur un lieu...

Telcollaborative teacher training project

In this task sequence  teacher trainees develop media competence and teaching competences by designing tasks for telecollaborative learning...

B2, C1
Echanges Projet León - Lille

Projet de télécollaboration et groupe virtuel des étudiants étrangers de Lille (France) et ceux de l'université de León (Espagne).


Consolidating connections

This sequence was used in the second term of 2014-15. It builds closer relationships between the two cohorts. During this period physical student...

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