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Here you will find a collection of task sequences. A task sequence is a collection of tasks that that can be combined together during an online exchange project. Click on one of the task sequences to read more about its objectives and how the different tasks can be combined together.

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Let's talk!

A short sequence of tasks for more advanced language users which moves from the asynchronous to synchronous discussion and creates an archive...

Developing ICC: A German Spanish exchange

The aims of this task sequence is to raise students' cultural awareness and its importance in EFL. The final product will be an intercultural task...

B2, C1
A First-year Exchange

This series of tasks is designed for an exchange between two or more classes of students studying English in their study programme. It gives them...

B1, B2
Creating a Newsletter Together

As more and more professions increasingly move to information online, students in formation need to learn how to produce and publish online...

Wymiana między grupami specjalności nauczycielskiej - nauczanie języka obcego

W tej sekwencji zadań, poprzez wspólne tworzenie  zadań dydaktyczych online, studenci rozwijają kompetencje...

B2, C1, C2
Getting to know each other

These tasks were used in the first 9 weeks of term to help consolidate links between the 2 communities.


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