Universidad de León


The University of León (ULE) is a small but vibrant and forward-looking university located in the north of Spain on the pilgrim route to Santiago. The campus in the historic city of León has over 13,000 students and offers undergraduate degrees and MA programmes in a wide number of subjects.

The ULE is proud of its internationalisation programme which caters for over 400 incoming and 600 outgoing students each year in international mobility programmes as well as supporting our participation in international networks such as the Santander Group of universities, the Nice Network, the Compostela Group of Universities and the European Association for International Education.

As part of this internationalisation process, the ULE is also supporting teaching staff who wish to teach subjects through English. We believe that offering a number of subjects through English will help to prepare our own students for the global workplace. It will also provide an interesting option for visiting students who wish to combine their Spanish language learning with the study of other subjects through English. A large number of specialised English as a foreign language courses are also available to students in the different faculties.


25 Avenida de León
LeónLeón, Castilla y León 24004
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