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Here you will find all the classes which are looking for partnerships. Click on one of the classes to read more about the students and the type of exchange which the practitioner would like to organise. In the filters where multiple options can be selected, use Ctrl-click to pick more than one option. Note that classes already in a Collaboration are not listed.

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Title Description Host institution/countrysort descending Target language(s) Target CEFR level(s) Posted
Spanish/English history and culture


I'm looking for an English-speaking class to team up with a ...

Spanish B2 29 Feb 2016
Languages for Business (English – Spanish)


I have a group of English learners of Spanish for Business, level A2/B1. These are first year students enrolled in several Spanish degree...

Spanish B1 1 Jul 2013
Faculty of Education students

I have a group of  15-20 2nd year students at the Faculty of Education who would like to telecollaborate with partners from other universities in...

English B2 21 Feb 2013
Tele collaboration Spanish/English intermediate level-US students


20 Jan 2015
LIN 501 English Teaching Methodology

LIN 501 is a graduate course introducing students to English Teaching Methodology. I would like to partner with an instructor in the United States...

6 Feb 2014
Portuguese class from Thammasat University


This telecollaboration project in the area of Portuguese L2 can be a tandem project envolving English and Portuguese languages or any...

Portuguese A2 21 Jan 2015


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