Ejemplo de recopilación de evidencias de aprendizaje (en inglés)


Ejemplo de recopilación de evidencias de aprendizaje y su vinculación con el diario de reflexión personal y los objetivos


Fragmento del diario de reflexión:

I have always avoided ‘talking politics’ because I thought it was rude. But I decided to find out more about my partner’s origins and found out that she lives in an area where there are a lot of ‘separatists’. I have always thought of people like that as a terrorists or something so I was a bit afraid to bring this up in our chats. But someone here explained it to me a bit more and so I decided to ask her directly. And she was really cool about answering me so I guess it was OK! I think I understand now about how to “use the fact that online exchanges are made up of a mix of cultures and languages to enrich the encounter”:) I have learnt more about more partner by asking!


Here’s the extract from our chat that shows me asking her about her political beliefs.


Linda dice:

let's talk about el catalan's

Julia dice:


Linda dice:

Are you catalan by the way?

 I don't want to assume

Julia dice:


Linda dice:

One of my best friend here is a catalan independentist.

Julia dice:


Linda dice:

yeah. Do you identify as Catalan?

(with an accent on the a)

Julia dice:


Linda dice:

My friend says she is Catalan, NOT Spanish.

Anyway, your project looks great!

Julia dice:

yeah, an accent 'catalán' in Spanish, and other kind of accent 'català' in Catalan

Well, I'm Catalan and Spanish at the same time


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