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    This page contains some useful information for university students who are interested in learning more about telecollaboration. You will find here some guidelines for taking part in telecollaborative exchanges and a link to our eportfolio which will help students evaluate their learning in telecollaborative exchanges. You will also find some testimonials from teachers and students of telecollaboration in order to illustrate the value of this activity for student learning in university education. 


    1. Guidelines for students taking part in telecollaborative exchange [see the attachment at the bottom of the page]


    2. Our Eportfolio of the "Telecollaboratively Effective Person" which is freely available to students. 


    3. Some examples of students' experierences in telecollaboration.


    The best people to report on the impact of telecollaboration are those directly involved. Here are some practical examples of telecollaborative exchanges happening around the world with some insights by students involved in the projects. 


    3.1 Students from the University of Padova reflect on the experience of telecollaboration they had through the Soliya Connect Program.




    3.2. Reflection on eTandem Project -  Victoria Tarna


    "The eTandem was something like a mental preparation for the lifelong dream of studying in the United States that finally became reality soon after. This was due to a series of positive factors, true commitment, and happy circumstances, not just one element or thanks to some kind of blind luck, of course. However, I dare say that especially because of actively taking part in the eTandem, while I was preparing to apply to the Boston University - Unipd exchange program, played a key role in succeeding in it."  To read full reflection paper read attached file below













    3.3  Students in a SUNY Oswego women’s studies course engaged online with an international-management class in Lebanon for five weeks, moving along a new path to intercultural learning and global connections. Read about the exchange here.

    Here you can see a video of some students talking about their experiences in the exchange. 


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