Spanish-English exchange.


Basic information

Most of my students are undergraduate (only a few of them are stuyding at postgraduate level), aged between 18 and 22. Although In the university there is a huge varity of nationalities, cultures and ethnic backgrounds, students usually speak English as a native or near-native level.


They study different subjects as their main degree (History, Economics, Law, Maths, History of Art, Psychology, etc.), but they also study a module in a Foreign Language, Spanish being one of the most popular options.


There are basically two different type of language courses: some groups attend only one 2-hours-class per week, whereas others attend two 2-hours-classes per week. Classes run from the second week in October until the end of March. Afterwards, in May and June, students must take their final exams: Oral and Reading and Writing.


I am looking for a university class in Spain or any other Spanish speaking country, willing to participate in an exchange program with my students.

It would obviously suit a course of English as a Foreign Language, but other type of subjects will be considered as long as my students have the opportunity to practice their Spanish skills.


The idea is to suggest a variety of tasks and projects on a weekly basis, asking the students to carry them out by collaborating with students in the partner university. The main purpose of these tasks is promoting the real communication between students in the Target Language, as well as make them aware of differences between countries, cultures, ways of life, etc.



Study programme: 
A wide variety of subjects: Economics, Psychology, Maths, Medicine, etc.
Number of students: 
Preferred start date of exchange: 
Mon, 21/10/2013

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