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Teachers may wish to collect evidence to use for formative assessment of their learners. Collecting evidence can also be used to help raise learners’ awareness of their progress as a TEP. This can also serve as a first step towards the learners’ self-assessment based on their own collection of evidence.


Context: Participants in this online exchange included student teacher trainees and language learners from universities in three countries. The exchange aimed at promoting teacher and learner autonomy by raising students’ awareness of the different possible modes and meaning-making online. This task required students to analyze a tool of their choice. The working language was English.


The teacher has ‘pieced together’ extracts from the interaction and then gives feedback to the students based on these collections:


I see that Malgorzata has used forums mainly to look for resources. She says she is eager “to provide knowledge in a way easily adaptable by children”. Megan, who uses forums regularly has replied:


[…] you took a much wider view of a forum than I had considered by considering forums that are available to all or to bigger groups. At the XY University we work on forums and they are usually restricted either to a small tutor group, a group of tutors or a course which makes it a much different experience […]. On the forums we use you can add pictures to your texts which also adds a different dimension.


I find it interesting that Megan picks up on Malgorzata’s idea to cater for young learners. Her suggestion to add pictures to complement text shows that Megan is sensitive to the way in which different modes will affect communication (Online Language – Attitudes – A.2 Is eager or flexible to navigate between different modalities with minimum discomfort).


In a similar answer, Malgorzata makes this observation which shows evidence of the same competence:


As forum is based on writing I think that visual modes of communication such as pictures would facilitate the points. We can send them via e-mail to chosen forum participants or post as links.


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