Evidence of Learning

This is your ‘personal collection’ of your TEP samples from your online exchange. The samples should linked to your selected goals and demonstrate specific points that you have discussed in your personal reflection diary or to illustrate competences you think you have learnt or need to learn (see example). It is important to select carefully – this collection represents your learning process and shows that you know how to make links between the theory (competences) and practice (the online exchange) and to reflect on your own progress (see example). Some types of documentation are:


  • Text chat extracts
  • Voice chat recordings
  • Voice chat transcriptions
  • Blog or forum entries
  • Screen captures such as recording of screen movements (while text chatting, while meeting in synchronous video conferencing sessions, Virtual Worlds, etc.)
  • etc.

It is possible to link evidence and reflection to goals in the ePortfolio. Also, there are many different online repositories (cloud storage spaces such as dropbox, videoblogs, youtube, vimeo, etc.) which you may want to use.  It is important to keep in mind the file types and sizes when uploading your collection of evidence.


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