Personal Reflection Diary

This is to document the development of their TEP competences.  Record your thoughts using text, audio, video, still images, etc.). This should be an ongoing activity: Reflect about online events before (perhaps set short-term goals for the exchange), during (quick notes of specific incidents that stand out during the exchange can be useful) and after each exchange (make time after each online encounter to reflect on it and record your thoughts and impressions). An essential aspect of the diary is to link reflection to the TEP Descriptors and with personal events or episodes (see example of evidence of learning). To that effect, we recommend that you focus on quality over quantity: It is better to think deeply about one important learning event than to write long descriptive essays of everything that took place.  Here are some questions that can get reflection started:


Briefly describe the event/s from an online exchange as objectively as possible.

  • What happened?
    Who was involved?
    What did you observe?
  • etc.

So What?
Analyze the experience, objectively (e.g. with the TEP guidelines) and subjectively (what you felt, did).

  • Did something surprise you or feel unexpected?
    What was your perspective as the event was happening (What ‘lens’ were you ‘viewing’ from?)
    Was there something you particularly liked/disliked? Why?
    Were there any particular challenges or difficulties?
  • etc.

Now What?
Did you learn anything from it? Where can you go from here?

  • Did you learn a new skill or clarify an interest?
    How can you keep and apply this learning in the future?
    What more would you like to learn related to this type of exchange?
    How can you learn more?
    What information/advice would you like to share with your peers?
    If you could do the exchange again, what would you do differently?
  • etc.


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