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INTENT Project Workshops

The INTENT team will be offering training workshops on telecollaboration in Italy, France, Poland and the UK  in 2013. Registration is free but participants are expected to cover all their own travel and maintenance costs.
The Italian workshop will be held in collaboration with the Centro Linguistico di Ateneo at the University of Padova, Italy on 21-22 March 2013.
Workshop languages: Italian and English.
Contact person: Francesca Helm:   Email:
The  French workshop will be held at the University of Grenoble III, France on 5 April 2013. Workshop languages: French and English.  
Contact person: Elke Nissen
The Polish workshop will take place as a joint event with the PL-CALL Conference, in Warsaw on 9-10 May, 2013. Workshop languages: English and Polish.   
Contact person: GosiaKurek:
The UK workshop organised by the Open University will take place in London, UK on 18 October 2013. Workshop language: English.    
Contact person: Tim Lewis:

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