National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

NaUKMA is one of the most prestigious universities in Ukraine, a center of scholarly excellence, established in 1615 and reopened in 1992. NaUKMA is a classical university comprised of 6 faculties (Computer Sciences, Economics, Humanities, Law, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Technologies). NaUKMA is basing its educational programs on the Liberal Art student-oriented principle. NaUKMA has a history of introducing experimental initiatives that become models for educational reform throughout the country: NaUKMA was the first Ukrainian university to introduce 4-year Bachelor and 2-year Master Programs which later served as a model for the introduction of BA and MA programs throughout the country. NaUKMA was the only Ukrainian university running EHEA-compliant PhD programs since 2008 being a basis for the national reform of the PhD training in 2016. NaUKMA strongly contributed to elaboration of the new Law on Higher Education, which came into force in September 2014 and is the basis for multiple reforms in the university performance in Ukraine

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