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I intend my students to COLLABORATIVELY (with other, foreign students) go through the stages and reach the outcomes specified below: 1) Research and awareness-raising stage: The students in each country, in their foreign language lessons, research the theme using a variety of sources they search on their own (interviews, magazines, documentaries, videos, newspapers, etc.). They hold class discussions, produce posters summarising information and perspectives using Glogster, Prezi, movie-maker, Powepoint and mural.ly, and upload them to a wiki or schoology. 2) Intercultural dialogue stage: In mixed- nationality groups, students communicate online in all available languages using Skype and social media; they collaboratively create a leaflet, poster, video, etc aimed at offering a solution to the chosen challenge/raise awareness in society about the theme. The leaflet should be created using the foreign languages both groups in each country are studying. 3) Going global: Either in each country, or together in mixed-nationality groups, students think of ways of reaching others with their solution/awareness-raising proposal. E.g.: create an Instagram account named after the chosen theme, create a story, record reactions.


The topic I intend my students to explore is the following: "Latin America has not been able to set her own cultural, economic, sociopolitical and academic agenda. Instead, it has “borrowed” euro-centered frames."

Study programme: 
Profesorado en Lengua y literatura inglesa/ Traductorado público nacional / Licenciatura en inglés
Number of students: 
Preferred start date of exchange: 
Mon, 15/04/2019

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