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The exchange has students interacting asynchronously in English as a lingua franca. The server on which it is based is maintained with financial assistance from a Japanese government Kaken grant and so participation is free of charge. Exchanges are carried out over 8 week periods using Moodle. The next exchange begins April 16. Two, three or four classes from different countries are combined. Teachers from each of the participating classes send the exchange administrator a CSV file with their students’ information and this is uploaded into the system. Online groups are formed by the administrator containing approximately 25 students from each of the countries. Hence, each group would have between 40-50 (two countries) to 100 (four countries) students in it. Online communication then takes place using the Moodle forums. As groups are set to ‘separate’, multiple groups are in the exchange, but because they are ‘separate’, students only see the classmates they are paired with. Participation in the forums involves posting and replying using student created text, audio and video posts. Students can also add links and other multimedia to their posts. Almost all the students in this course are non-English majors at low-intermediate level.

Teachers are encouraged to monitor the forums and give feedback to students. They are also asked to keep in contact with their partner teacher and find out about their teaching and learning environments. Teachers are also offered resources to help their students reflect on their participation. There is no obligation to assign grades to students for their participation, but teachers are encouraged to do so. All teachers are included in a separate teachers’ course where they exchange ideas and information. More information can be found at

I had to put a number in the "number of students" section below. I put 25 because that is the average size of classes that participate. To date, some 10,000 students from 8 countries have participated.

Study programme: 
The students participating are from various degrees.
Number of students: 
Preferred start date of exchange: 
Mon, 16/04/2018

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